About us

FTZ-West Coast in BüsumResearch- and Technologycentre (FTZ) West Coast in Büsum. Foto: Klaus Heinrich Vanselow, © Uni Kiel

The Research and Technology Centre Westcoast  was founded in 1988 as a central facility of Kiel University. It pursues interdisciplinary coastal research mainly in shallow water areas and estuaries.

Emphasis is placed to applied research in coastal environments along the German North and Baltic Sea. The results are translated into concepts and strategies for sustainable coastal management both in Germany and abroad. These, in turn, serve as the basis for numerous environmental, structural and socio-economic policies in the regional, national and international realm.

Due to the high percentage of external funding (more than the actual budget) the research centre contributes extensively to the development of the region.

Focus is given to the improvement of the understanding and predictions of hydrodynamics, sediment dynamics and morphodynamics covering a wide range of spatial and temporal scales, assessment of the effect of coastal structures and their interaction with marine mammals and birds, eutrophication and environmental sustainablility. Particular attention is paid to monitoring strategies and the development of information systems for the management of coastal areas.

The results obtained contribute to the integrated management of coastal environments.