Duration: 2009-2014

The objective of the study is to investigate morphodynamic trends on long timescales for local areas within the East Frisian Wadden Sea. When looking at long term developments it is necessary to capture large scale processes. Therefore a larger scale morphodynamic model was developed and optimized at the FTZ.

In the first phase of the project a sediment transport model on the scale of the German Bight is integrated into the already existing hydrodynamic model chain developed at FTZ. Sediment transport and morphological response are investigated. The model is supposed to yield boundary conditions for smaller scale local models.

In the second phase the reaction of the tidal flats to an accelerated sea level rise is analyzed. Local morphological models, developed at the NLWKN-FSK, are coupled to the sediment transport model of the German Bight.

Research division:


  • Prof. Dr. R. Mayerle (FTZ
  • Dr. H.D. Niemeyer (NLWKN-FSK)


  • Dr. G. Bruss
  • M.Sc. G. Dalledonne