Current projects

Decision support system for the sustainable coastal development of the Shandong Peninsula, China

The project aims at the development of a decision support system (DSS) for the sustainable environmental development of the northern coast of the Shandong peninsula, China. The system shall provide a sound scientific support to coastal scientists and public institutions with coastal management issues.

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Nowcasting and Forecasting System for the Management of Fish Farms in the Red Sea

In this project a web-based Coastal Information System for the management of coastal areas along the Saudi Arabian Red Sea is assessed in its effectiveness to deliver data for the management of fish farms. The system runs in real time and delivers water levels, current velocities and waves with high spatial and temporal resolution.

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Monitoring techniques for cage fish farms

This project deals with the development of monitoring strategies suited for the assessment of the effect of floating net cages. The investigations are carried out in close cooperation with our partners in Indonesia.

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