Teaching and Supervision

Teaching philosophy

I enjoy and value teaching as an essential part of a researcher’s role in the scientific community. Teaching is most rewarding when I can link it to current research and when I succeed in inspiring and motivating students in a way that the learning content becomes the student’s own interest. I try to facilitate deeper learning and my aim is to offer a stimulating and motivating environment. Hence, I encourage students to make progress through independent activities rather than memorizing. It is the teacher’s responsibility to maintain interest, motivate to deeper learning and to provide an atmosphere and environment for learning, as well as keeping the time, pace and focus on aims, goals and agreed objectives. The allegory of a midwife illustrates my teaching philosophy and personal perception of the teacher’s role. She has the routine, calmness, experience, knowledge and can help, assist, and demand – but the student has eventually to do the work. However, it is also the midwife’s responsibility to ensure a safe and suitable environment and atmosphere.


Teaching experience:

  • 2016-2019
    BSc and MSc level in Ecology, University of Cologne.

  • 2011-2019
    BSc, MSc, and PhD level in Zoology, Biostatistics, Ecology, Evolution, and Skills, University of Tübingen.

  • 2005-2016
    MSc and PhD level in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Helsinki.

  • 2000-2004
    Teaching in Behavioural Ecology, University of Hamburg

Supervision experience:

1 Postdoc, 2 PhD students, 13 MSc students, 14 BSc students, 3 teacher thesis projects. As member of PhD Advisory Committee: 8 PhD students.