ECOLAB - Group Coastal Ecosystems

Group Coastal Ecosystems
Water discoloration due to algal blooming            Slacking a CTD probe
(Phaeocystis, Noctiluca) North Sea                      © Dr. K.-J. Hesse, FTZ Westküste                                                   

The research activities of the working group coastal ecosystems deal with the fluxes of matter, ecological structures and functions of the transitional zone between land and the sea as well as on the conception of mitigation strategies in the field of marine pollution. A focus is on studies of coastal nutrient dynamics and eutrophication, on transformation processes in the water column, on shifts in the primary levels of the marine food web and on the exchange of matter between land, sea and sediment. Results form a basis for the development of monitoring concepts, environmental indicators and strategies for a sustainable use of coastal waters. Within this context special attention is given to the need for action in threshold countries facing environmental problems.