Current projects

Bird migration over the open sea (BIRDMOVE)

Which consequences have offshore wind farms on migratory birds and seabirds in German waters? In this project, state of the art telemetry systems are applied to record movement patterns of individual birds over medium to long periods and assess possible risks.

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Monitoring of marine top predators in the North and Baltic Seas (TopMarine)

Seabirds and marine mammals are apex predators and as such they constitute an important component of marine ecosystems. The monitoring and assessment of their population status and precise information on their distribution, population trends, and ecological preferences are fundamental prerequisites for effective conservation measures and fact-based management of protected areas. In addition, data from this monitoring programme are used as indicators for the assessment of the environmental status.

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Digital census methods (PhoViComp)

In this project, the FTZ compares digital aerial video-based and photo-based strip-transect methods. With both types of methods, synoptic censuses of seabirds and marine mammals are possible. The comparison of the methods is carried out in dedicated study areas in the German parts of North Sea and Baltic Sea.

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Tracking of marine top predators (MONTRACK)

Seabirds and marine mammals are top predators in marine food webs. With telemetric methods data on their spatial movements can be gathered.

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Migration patterns of Eurasian Curlews