Duration: 2008 - 2015

Background for this kind of investigations is a non written down convention of those authorities that are responsible for nature conservation. It says that it should be avoided to increase the temperature of intertidal sediments in 30 cm depth by more than 2 Kelvin due to installations in the Wadden Sea. Based on the assessment of the "Bundesamtes für Naturschutz" this so called 2K-criteria expresses a precaution value that in the light of the recent knowledge with sufficient likelihood insures that negative effects of conduit related heating on nature an benthic communities is avoided.
Special measurement devices partly have been developed for the investigations. Today these types of instruments are commercially used for similar tasks. Besides the evaluation of measurement data due to mission oriented research reference data collected on non influenced tidal flats were analysed following own scientific interests. 

Time series analysis

 Ricklefs & Vanselow, 2012

Research division:


  • Dr. K. Ricklefs
  • Dr. K. Vanselow


  • Jens Pauksztat
  • Burkhard Meier
  • Gero Bojens
  • Jörn Köppen