GEOLAB - Group Marine Measuring Techniques

Group Marine Measuring Techniques
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The working group applied physics / marine technology was established by Prof. Dr. Peter Koske on FTZ in Büsum in 1988. It focuses on applied physical, metrological and offshore technological problems basically related to shallow, tidal coastal waters and estuaries around Schleswig-Holstein and in the field of marine biotechnology. The work implies the analyses of data and time series to improve the understanding of interrelations in the areas of investigation. The group interacts tightly with the other research groups at FTZ Westcoast. In particular the following topics are currently of interest:

  • Development of measuring units for monitoring in coastal areas (e.g. North Sea Monitoring Project, BlueBox)
  • Research on photobioreactors for microalgae cultivation
  • Development of a fish rearing system for metabolic measurements
  • Correlation analysis
  • Weather station at FTZ