Building a microalgae database

Aim of the project is to create a central collection of special microalgae with commercial or bio-scientific potential. The project was created to hold that algae available, to characterise them physiologically, to analyse them quantitatively for active substances and for optimising their cultivation conditions.

Microalgae culture collection

Image of maintenance of the microalgae culture collection. © K. H. Vanselow, FTZ

Project description

All algae are characterised in the data base. It contains information about origin of the alga, taxon, synonyms and the coherence between growth conditions (Light, temperature,nutrient and pH-value dependence) and substances synthesized by the algae.

The project was supported by the Technologiestiftung Schleswig-Holstein (MAKS-Projekt Nr. 2002-9p und 2002-9i) from 2002 to 2005.

Funded by:

State of Schleswig-Holstein, ISH

Funding period:

07.2002 to 12.2004


Klaus H. Vanselow