Curriculum Vitae

1980-1986 :

Study of physics at Kiel University finished with diploma (Dipl.-Phys.). Minor fields of study: chemistry, physiology and astronomy.
Diploma thesis 'Analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence by noisy light', written in the biophysics group of Prof. Dr. Ulf-Peter Hansen in the former Institute of Applied Physics.

1987-1988 :

Scholarship for promoting the scientific and artistic offspring of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.

1988-1989 :

Scientist at the Institute of Applied Physics of Kiel University in the working group biophysics of Prof. Dr. Ulf-Peter Hansen. Completing the doctoral studies at Kiel University in June 1989. Minor field of study in astronomy.
Doctoral thesis: 'Linear analysis of photosynthesis and cell membrane transport by stochastic light signals'.

Since 1990 :

Scientist at the FTZ, head of working group Applied Physics / Marine Technology.