Research Catamaran Egidora

On 25.10.2017, the new building of the EGIDORA, a research vessel owned by FTZ, was christened and officially commissioned by the Minister of Education of the State of Schleswig-Holstein, Mrs. Karin Prien. Some video impressions of the christening ceremony can be found on the web pages of the Ministry of Education S. -H. and the Kiel Open Channel.

EGIDORA is the oldest written mention of the name Eider (the river Eider) in Latin laguage. It is probably derived from the Old Norse Egidoor. Linguists see two elements in this. On the one hand, the name of the Nordic sea god Aegir and on the other hand, the word door (Low German Döör) and translate Egidoor or EGIDORA with "gate to the sea". A suitable name for a coastal research vessel, according to the FTZ staff. In addition, the river Eider, which almost reaches the Baltic Sea in Kiel and then turns west and flows into the North Sea not far from Büsum, forms a kind of connecting link between the university in Kiel and the FTZ on the North Sea coast.

Forschungskatamaran Egidora
© Dr. Klaus Ricklefs, FTZ Westküste

The 15 m long and 6 m wide research catamaran EGIDORA was built at the Blyth WorkCats shipyard in Canvey Island, England as a glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) balsa sandwich construction. The draught is 1.25 m. Due to this and the ability to fall dry easily, the ship is ideally suited for operation in the Wadden Sea.The machinery of the ship also allows service speed of 15 kn, what effectively reduces the operating times for transfers to or from survey locations. This is an extremely important aspect in coastal sea areas, where operating times are strongly influenced by weather and tidal conditions.

The ship, which is managed by a skipper and a deckman, can accommodate up to 12 additional persons on day trips. This means that courses for students on board can be carried out effectively. For this two dry and a small wet workplace are available. A small pantry with stove, microwave and dishwasher also allows the preparation of simple dishes.

Equipped with precise measuring and positioning technology, a so-called moon pool, various cranes and winches as well as a special area for the observation of wild animals from the upper deck, the EGIDORA represents an efficient platform for research and teaching. The ship's current work focuses on the abiotic and biotic investigation of the seabed and its habitats, the measurement of currents and sediment transport as well as the observation and counting of wildlife.


  • Dimensions: length 15 m; width 6 m; draught 1.25 m
  • Mashinery: 2 x 368 kW Fiat Power Train (formerly Iveco) Cursor 90 Diesel with Twin Disc transmission with “trolling valves”
  • Generator: 10 kVA Fischer Panda
  • Speed: service 15 kn; max.  18 kn
  • Area of operation in accordance with the approval of the Berufsgenossenschaft Verkehr:"Nationale Küstenfahrt" (National Coastal Voyage)
  • Callsign: DLVB
  • MMSI No.: 211770520
  • Mobile phone No.: 0170-9017433


Nautical equipment:

  • PC with Transas navigation software
  • Compass: Furuno SC–50;  Cassens und Plath  Typ21
  • GPS: Furuno GP–170
  • Radar: Furuno FR-8065
  • AIS: Furuno FA–170 Klasse A
  • Echo sounder: Simrad NSS Evo 2 multifunction display
  • VHF: 2 x marine VHF  Sailor 6222; 2 x Icom VHF handhelds
  • Autopilot: Navitron  NT - 888G
  • HIK Vision camera system for deck and engine room surveillance


Scientific equipment:

  • Built-in, powerful PC with solid state hard drives.
  • Fully developed LAN and WLAN network technology with Internet access as well as NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 networking of nautical-scientific instruments.
  • RTK GNSS: Trimble SPS855 with Trimble SPS555 compass extension
  • Multibeam echo sounder: R2Sonic 2024
  • Motion sensor: SBG-Systems Apogee A
  • Sub-Bottom Profiler: Innomar SES-2000 compact
  • Various sidescan sonars
  • Current Profiler: 600 and 1200 kHz Teledyne RDI ADCP with "Bottom Track Option
  • Over the side poles for Sub-Bottom Profiler and sidescan sonars
  • Hydraulically operated stern A - frame with hydraulic 1000/500 kg winch
  • Hydraulic deck crane; working load 550 kg at 2 m and 250 kg at max. outreach of 5 m.