Studierende am FTZ Westküste
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FTZ is involved in several ongoing international MSc programs at the University of Kiel. The international PhD program Coastal Information Systems is offered in house.

Kiel School of Sustainability

Kiel School of Sustainability provides a wide range of taught M.Sc. programs focusing on various aspects of sustainable development. It enables graduates to analyze issues of sustainable development under a multidisciplinary perspective and empower them to take action in order to create sustainable solutions.

In this framework FTZ offers / contributes to / the following courses:

  • Module S001 “Concepts of Sustainable Development and Environmental Management
  • Module S025 “Engineering Mathematics”
  • Module S122 “Principles of Nutrient dynamics in Coastal Areas”
  • Module S124 “Coastal and Marine Ecosystems – Field Studies”
  • Module S125 “Abiotic-biotic Interactions in the Wadden Sea”
  • Module S126 “Coastal Evolution and Protection”
  • Module S127 “Integrated Coastal Zone Management”
  • Module S128 “Coastal Environmental Surveying”
  • Module S129 “Wind Energy: Technological challenges and environmental impacts”
  • Module S154 “Principles in Ecology for Environmental Sciences
  • Module S174 "Decision Support Systems for the Governance of Coastal Ecosystems"
  • Module S175 "Long Term Evolution of the North-Sea Coast"


MSc Biological Oceanography

MSc. Biological Oceanography focuses on biology and imparts knowledge in chemistry, geology, physics and mathematics. Graduates are able to identify marine organismic communities and to characterize them using modern methods, their physico-chemical environment, nutrient requirements and interactions of seabed and atmosphere and population changes to determine and assess their importance in the marine context.

FTZ offers /contributes to/ the following courses:

  • MNF-bioc-264 “Seabird Ecology”
  • MNF-bioc-268 “Food-web interactions in the Wadden Sea”


MSc. Marine Geosciences

MSc. Marine Geosciences promotes the latest state of marine geosciences and technology, in particular in the areas marine costal geology, past climates, biogeochemistry and paleoecology. The degree program shall provide the student with the knowledge of fundamental terms of geological, biological, geochemical and physical processes in the ocean. The graduate will be able to create and critically assess scientific results and to plan, carry out and evaluate ship and laboratory projects on their own responsibility.

FTZ contributes to the following courses:

  • MNF-mgeo-MP2 / MNF-geow-MP2 “Field Work in Coastal Geology”
  • MNF-mgeo-MTS “Measuring Techniques in Shallow waters”


Coastal Information Systems

FTZ has established the PhD program Coastal Information Systems emphasizing on surveying techniques and process based modeling. It aims at the development of coastal information systems for supporting decision making in Coastal areas. Ship borne measurements, sampling strategies, remote sensing techniques, development and application of numerical models for flow, wave, sediment transport, water quality and morphodynamics are topics of relevance. Advanced field measuring techniques and state of the art modeling systems are provided. Exposure to advanced high school mathematics and computing skills is advantageous.