Runtime: 2012-2015

The German-Indonesian project “Ocean Renewable Energy, ORE-12, SPICE III” aims at the identification of marine environments in the Indonesian Seas suited for the generation of electric power from tidal currents and waves. The investigation is conducted in cooperation the Indonesian Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) and will emphasize the areas at Cipatuja/Java, Larantuka Strait/Flores, Bengkulu/Sumatera and Sunda Strait.

The effectiveness of modern techniques to improve resource characterization and to advance the development of rationale for the selection of suitable sites for ocean renewable energy will be verified. State of the art technologies integrating data from observational stations, field investigations, satellite-borne remote sensing and process based models are applied. Environmental aspects of installations of power converters will be taken into account.

Areas of investigation for ocean renewable energy in the Indonesian Seas The estimation of the power that can be yielded effectively from a given site is preceded by the identification of sites through large scaled models. Then, the spatial and temporal variation of current velocities is investigated in detail through the application of high resolution three dimensional hydrodynamic models. The overall potential of wave power and tidal current power that can be yielded effectively from the screened sites will be estimated for a longer period.

The developed strategies will be embedded into a Decision Support System to help decision makers to assess the potentials and enhance the management of ocean renewable energy in Indonesian Seas. Moreover risk assessments due to extreme events and studies of the cumulative impacts of the technological deployments on the environment shall be conducted.

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Grafik: Areas of investigation for Ocean Renewable Energy in the Indonesian Seas © K.H. Runte

Research divison:


  • Prof. Dr. R. Mayerle
  • Dr. W.W. Pandoe


  • Prof. Dr. R. Mayerle
  • Dr. K.H. Runte


  • Dr. S. Lehner