Duration: 2011-2013

Coastal Monitoring System Jeddah In-situ measurements were carried out at several locations of the study area for setting-up and for calibration and validation of the model. Emphasis was given to the measurements of bathymetry, winds, water levels, current velocities, waves, salinity, temperature and nutrients.

Jeddah-CMS implements several operational devices installed near the coast of Jeddah.  The CMS includes three ultra-sonic tidal gauges of the Log_A_level type implemented with Doppler wind sensors manufactured by General Acoustics GmBH, a Datawell wave rider for measuring wave characteristics and an OSIL-Fulmar met ocean buoy for measuring meteorological and oceanic parameters. The data is continuously transferred to a control room on the campus of the King Abdullaziz University (KAU).

Data transfer is done via SMS and GPRS using a cell phone network. The raw data is stored with the help of the data base management system and transferred in quasi-real time to a server of the FTZ Büsum of the University of Kiel in Germany.  Nowcastings and forecastings of water levels, current velocities and waves are provided in quasi-real time. 

Research division:


  • Prof. Dr. R. Mayerle
  • Abdullah Al-Subhi (KAU, Jeddah)


  • Roberto Mayerle
  • J.M. Fernandez Jaramillo


  • Helzel Messtechnik GmbH, Kaltenkirchen
  • King Abdullah Universität für Wissenschaft und Technologie (KAUST,  Jeddah)