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One of the main difficulties hindering the development of management systems for site selection and estimation of carrying capacities is the absence of reliable measurement data. Even though there has been a tremendous advancement in the techniques and tools for supporting decision makers in the management of cage mariculture, there is a lack of data for the set-up, calibration and validation of the various models. In particular, the data for validation of the decision support systems for management of fish farms is very scarce.

To overcome this difficulty a monitoring program was established in the Pergametan Bay in the North of Bali in cooperation with the Gondol Research Institute for Mariculture (GRIM). Attention is given to the advancement of measuring and monitoring techniques tailored for the development of the models and systems for the management of cage mariculture.

Both direct and indirect measuring techniques are currently being tested in their effectiveness in leading to the required data. The effectiveness of operational monitoring devices for water levels and winds manufactured by General Acoustics, Kiel is being tested (Fig. 1). The data measured at several sites in Indonesia is transmitted on-line to the research centre in Kiel. The effectivess of the data communication has been tested at several sites. The layout of the farms and existing production rates are obtained using satellite images. The accuracy of remote sensing techniques in providing bathymetrical data for the development of systems in more remote areas is also being verified. Attention has also being paid to the development of techniques for the measurement of water and sediment quality. The developments are done in Germany in conjunction with companies involved in the development of measuring devices. The validation of the strategies and devices is done abroad.

Research division

CORELAB – Remote Sensing Systems


Prof. Dr. R. Mayerle
Research and Technology Centre Westcoast, University of Kiel (FTZ)

Dr. K. Sugama
Research and Development Center for Aquaculture
Agency for Marine Research and Development of Indonesia


Dr. K-H. Runte (FTZ)
Dr. N. Ladwig (FTZ)

Project Partners

Gondol Research Institute for Mariculture (GRIM)  Bali, Indonesia
Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia




Research and Technology Centre Westcoast, University of Kiel, Germany