Monitoring of seabirds in the offshore area of the Schleswig-Holstein North Sea within the framework of NATURA 2000



Landesbetrieb für Küstenschutz, Nationalpark und Meeresschutz Schleswig-Holstein

Project term:

2017 to 2021


Dr. Philipp Schwemmer, Prof. Dr. Stefan Garthe


Project description:

In the Schleswig-Holstein territorial area of the North Sea, the FTZ has been carrying out seabird monitoring within the framework of Natura 2000 on behalf of the National Park Administration in the Schleswig-Holstein State Agency for Coastal Protection, National Park and Marine Conservation (LKN) since 2004. Since 2012, the monitoring has focused on bird species that occur mainly in the coastal area of the North Sea. Current focus species are Sandwich Tern, Common Tern and Arctic Tern (Annex I EU Birds Directive) as well as Common Eider and Common Scoter (as the most important migratory species according to the Birds Directive in the study area).

Monitoring takes place in the "Whale Sanctuary" and in the offshore area off Dithmarschen within the SPA "Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park" as well as in the SPA "Helgoland Bay". Ship-based and aircraft-based surveys according to the internationally standardized Seabirds at Sea method are used for implementation.