Duration: 2011 - 2012

Accordingly the measurement program can be subdivided into three thematic complexes:

  • Measurement and evaluation of the bathymetric an sedimentological conditions in the shallow water area of the Kiel Fjord between the yacht harbors Wik and Düsternbrook.
  • Acquisition of current as well as salinity and temperature data in the Kiel Fjord area.
  • Long term measurements of currents and waves in the Kiel Fjord area.


For the investigation the FTZ 8 m shallow water research boat SESTON was based in Kiel for several months.  In this way even very shallow nearshore environments could be surveyed. On the other hand the boat easily was available for the investigation of special hydrological events like very high or very low water levels and corresponding water exchange processes. Besides these ship based data acquisitions long term recordings of currents and waves with autonomous  seabed moored measurement devices were undertaken. 

The results of this study will contribute to a better understanding of the conditions in the Kiel Fjord. This will allow for a more efficient treatment of questions related to ecology, coastal protection or structural engineering. Furthermore this data will be used to validate and calibrate numerical models developed to simulate morphodynamics in the Kiel Fjord.