project duration: 2008 -

Of special interest is the morphological evolution in two nearshore study sites north and south of Büsum. In an interval of approximately three months, the relative heights of the flats are measured at 24 measurement points spread over 6 measuring locations at each site. The specific methodological approach and the results from Dutch Wadden Sea areas are described here: NAM report
Our own measurements show that the tidal flats in the period 2008-2014 with rates of up to 5.7 cm/a in the north and up to 2.5 cm/a in the south of Büsum grew up relatively quickly. The results of two other series of measurements, both carried out with a somewhat different methodological approach, indicate that between 2010 and 2014 the intertidal seabed along a 48 m long transect in the area off Friedrichskoogspitze has been stable or grows up with a rate of approximately 1 cm/a. Along a also 48 m long transect located on the more seaward and more exposed sandbank Mittelplate even a loss in height in a range of 2 cm/a (2010 -2014) was determined.
For the future it is planned to continue these measurements. In addition, there are considerations to enhance the monitoring network along the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea coast.

Research devision:


  • Dr. K. Ricklefs
  • Joop Marquenie (NAM - Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV)


  • Jens Pauksztat
  • Burkhard Meier
  • Daniela Koch