GEOLAB - Group Coastal Geosciences

Group Coastal Geosciences
© Dr. Klaus Ricklefs, FTZ Westküste

Based on transdisciplinary field research the working group Coastal Geo Science in research and educations deals with topics related to recent sedimentology / sediment transport, geological evolution, coastal protection, morphodynamics, as wells as oceanography of coastal areas. Other tasks are the development and testing of measurement devices, as well as the accomplishment of scientific services.

In previous years the activities mainly focused on the development of monitoring systems, on investigations of impacts of technical construction on the seafloor or on improvements of morphodynamic simulation models.  At present the scientific interest concentrates more on projects to gather information about the subtidal sediment inventory of the Wadden Sea, to detect underwater habitats or to indentify the relations between benthic organisms, their predators (birds) and the sediment.