Project description

Within the project FTZ works on the optimisation of the fluorometric algae group detection for marine phytoplankton. The used unit, the Algae online analyser (AOA), was created for limnical investigations by BBE Moldaenke GmbH (Kiel). The algae group differentiation acts by the analysis of the chlorophyll-fluorescence answer. The actinic light was created by five different wavelengths. The fluorescence answers will be distinguished by specific fingerprints of different algae groups of known algae.

The optical nitrate sensor ProPS from the manufacturer TriOS GmbH (Oldenburg) was integrated successfully in the system. In the Wadden Sea area we now can realise an accuracy of 2 µmol/litre nitrate by optimising and adapting the fit routines.

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Funding period:

09.2003 to 11.2005


Dr. Klaus H. Vanselow, Dr. A. Ruser