Projcet description

Increasing exploitations of the oceans and challenges by climatic changes need for action in monitoring systems for unexpected events. Total c oncepts range from the detection of marine environmental parameters over analysing and modelling the data to alerting tools for the public are not adequate available.

Under the leadership of “Raytheon Anschütz” ten companies of the “Maritime Cluster Schleswig-Holstein” (2wcom, 4H-Jena engineering, F3: Forschung/Fakten/Fantasie, General Acoustics, GeoTopic Hydrographic Services, GISMA Steckverbinder, HELZEL Messtechnik, HYDROMOD Scientific Consulting, Raytheon Anschütz, SIS Sensoren Instrumente Systeme) and scientists of the research institutes IfM-Geomar and FTZ-Westcoast/Kiel University developed a concept for an adequate monitoring system that will be installed at the North Sea. The concept reaches from units as X-Band- and over horizon radar, some measuring buoys and a measuring pile, over the data analysis to a locally public alerting system.

The collected data will be used in prediction tools, simulations for water current- and wave designs and in sanding up scenarios for waterways near the coast. The analysis enables qualitative and quantitative statements for the shipping traffic in the German Bight. The system helps to warn against expected critical situations as extreme storm tides, tsunamis (simulated by the current reversal at the turning of the tide) or effects of ship disasters (diffusion of oil slicks or the drifting of shiploads).

FTZ Westcoast will run three measuring buoys with current profiling units (ADCPs, in the “Piep”, “Außeneider” and the “Süderhever”) installed on the seabed and a new measuring pile (for exact sea level data westerly Eiderstedt for modelling). The whole data will be collected at the FTZ Westcoast and redistributed to the project partners.

The project was funded by the Schleswig-Holstein-Fond from autumn 2005 until the end of 2007.

Funded by:

State of Schleswig-Holstein

Founding period:

10.2005 to 12.2007


Dr. Klaus Ricklefs, Dr. A. Ruser, Dr. Klaus H. Vanselow